WordWise Consultancy is an innovative training and development organization dedicated to refining communication skills and fostering a passion for effective writing in the workplace.


If you’ve ever struggled to write a report, presented a PowerPoint that your Executive Board sent back for more work, spent too much time editing a colleague’s proposal, or been afraid to write something at work, then WordWise Consultancy is here to help you.


At WordWise, we understand that clear and effective writing is an essential skill that benefits managers, staff, customers, and clients. Our goal is to help your organization function more effectively, efficiently, and confidently. To that end, we offer group programs that develop the ability to write with your audience’s needs and expectations in mind, giving you the tools you need to write more clearly and effectively. Our primary focus is empathetic communication, in both what and how we teach; in other words, we encourage and inspire individuals and groups to focus on the needs of their audience.


Photo by: Ger Erickson