Laura GarrettLaura Garrett holds a degree in Theatre Arts from UCLA and a Master of English degree from CSULA, and she has been an educator for thirty years with over twenty years as an English and writing instructor at the university level. At an early age, Laura discovered she was born to teach. In the classroom she discovered that teaching not only provides opportunities to exercise strong critical thinking and creativity, she found the teaching environment to be a place in which she can practice kindness, respect, and understanding.


Her life-long quest is to elevate teaching to an art form. Laura’s particular gift is in teaching equal blends of empathy and strong writing skills. She has a unique ability to draw out the needs and expectations of each client quickly, which motivates clients to be highly engaged and involved throughout their learning experience.



In the words of one former student,


“I came to Garrett a hopeless jumble of misused words and verbosity. After her intensive English boot camp, she had me whipped into tip-top shape. I am forever grateful for the valuable writing skills I learned in her classes, which have proven invaluable in both school and beyond”

--Anthony Karambelas


Laura Garrett offers her students a richly varied background of community leadership and environmental activism. She has held a variety of board positions and currently serves as a city commissioner. Her years of public service demonstrate her lasting commitment to her community.


Laura’s teaching philosophy centers around meeting her clients where they are, and working closely with them to improve their skills and confidence. She also cares deeply about making the world a happier, healthier place to be, and believes that clear and effective communication is a key component in making that happen. At the core of her mission is the belief that being able to clearly express ourselves is one of the keys to a rich future and a fulfilled life.