WordWise Consultancy provides immediate improvement through highly engaging, interactive programs and customized one-on-one coaching.


Our programs can be supplemented with virtual sessions, and we offer both live and virtual coaching and consulting.


Our programs and coaching services use real-world examples of effective and not-so-effective communication from both the public and private sectors. We are far more than academic classes and good theory. We provide solutions for many of the common pitfalls that litter the English language.


 Group Programs

Our group programs are two-hours each and limited to 20 participants. Topics include:

  • Audience-Focused Writing - Strategies that help writers develop more felicitous communication as well as relationships through empathetic writing.
  • Clear Writing Styles - Methods that allow all of us to communicate clearly and develop a solid personal style.
  • Effective Editing - Simple methods for proofreading and editing workplace documents.
  • Writing with Etiquette - How to follow the conventions of workplace writing:  emails, documents, job advertisements, and Requests for Proposals.
  • People-Focused PowerPoints - This special four-hour two-session program is limited to twelve participants who will bring a PowerPoint they are developing, learn some strategies for significantly improving them, revise them, and then bring them back to the second session where we will evaluate them.

 One-on-One Consulting


We provide writing development skills to people from all walks of life. Our services are available in person or via Skype and are thoroughly customized around the unique needs of each client. A few examples include:


  • Work with executives to improve conversational, idiomatic, and fluent English.
  • Strategize with managers and executives to ensure consistent organizational tone.
  • Consult with managers and executives to improve internal and external communication structure.

On Call Editing & Writing Services


WordWise offers retainer-based on-demand support including but not limited to:


  • Quick feedback on text in terms of clarity and effectiveness.
  • Quick advice on strategies for preparing rhetorically effective documents.
  • Quick editing and proofreading.
  • Troubleshooting any problems you are having with producing text.