According to The National Center for Educational Statistics, our country loses $225 billion per year to marginal communication skills. Imagine if you never had to read another ineffective letter or email or never lost previously loyal customers who became frustrated by ineffective, sometimes incomprehensible text. How much time could your organization save if managers did not have to review and rewrite any documents? WordWise offers a variety of services to help make this vision a reality.


We know that you value your time and money, so we have designed our services to save you both. We also know that sometimes employee workshops can be perceived as an unwelcome distraction and a drain on resources. The good news about our services is that they will save you much more time and money than they cost.


Our focus on empathetic communication works and the result is a consistently engaging and natural method of connecting that builds strong relationships between the teacher, the writer and the audience.  While we certainly can address grammar and spelling, we do so because these are important to readers everywhere. Our focus is always to develop writers who are more confident and effective in communicating with the world around us.

 The benefits are numerous:

  • Employees become adept at writing effective letters, e-mails, notes, reports, and other types of writing, and they become better at communicating in appropriate and meaningful ways. As a result, their confidence, self-worth, morale, and value to the organization increase.
  • Managers spend less time rewriting and vetting their employees’ improved communications, and are better able to trust in their team’s abilities.
  • Managers revise their employees’ work more quickly and efficiently as their own proofreading and editing skills improve.
  • Employees make fewer mistakes, so they become more efficient and productive.
  • Employees communicate more professionally which boosts corporate/departmental image and standards.
  • Employees become more engaged as they feel more valued.
  • Customers have improved relationships with your organization, leading to increased sales and/or better service.
  • Customers become more confident in the overall competency of the organization.

“Before entering Professor Garrett’s class, I was very unsure of my ability to write at the University level. However, after taking her class, I became a more confident writer and was able to express my thoughts concisely. I can honestly say that I would not have the tools or confidence to continue my academic journey as an undergraduate without Professor Garrett’s encouragement and constructive feedback. It was an absolute pleasure to be her student and class was one of the highlights of my freshman year.”


-Sara Madira