A Word about Empathetic Writing

By Laura Garrett on December, 9, 2016

Welcome to WordWise Consultancy!  We’re a new company with something new to offer: Empathetic writing.

Empathetic writing means writing with the needs and expectations of the reader in mind. It means putting oneself in the place of the reader and seeing one’s writing with the eyes of the reader. When we do this, and we write to the needs and expectations of the reader rather than ourselves, our writing becomes clearer and more effective.

I care about empathetic writing because I care about people and bringing them together. All too often, I’ve seen conflict and disagreement arise because people were not expressing themselves clearly. I’ve seen presentations go badly because the PowerPoints were unclear. I’ve seen meetings drag on because the speaker was focused on speaking and not on the listeners. I’d like to do what I can to alleviate these and other problems with unclear communication. I’d like to bring people together.

Over the course of a long teaching career, I’ve realized that the best way that I can bring people together is by showing them ways that they can communicate with empathy, to think about the needs and expectations of the reader.  I have found that this not only makes writing more effective, but it makes us more fully human.

With WordWise Consultancy, I can bring people together with my programs that show how to communicate more empathetically. I begin by showing what it means to write empathetically, and we discuss why it’s effective. Why it works. Then I provide clear and simple strategies for empathetic writing, focusing on everything from anticipating the needs of the audience to achieving a clear and effective style. Then we practice. And you know what? It works. People who learn to write empathetically write with more confidence and clarity. I’d like to live in a world where people use words to connect rather than to divide, where meaning is clear rather than obscured, where people’s writing skills allow them to communicate with self-assurance and empathy.

Come join me!